Little Kid I met him in Dessie in 2013 while visiting historical museum.

The little kid 2016

The little kid in 2015

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The little kid in 2014

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HIDIDIYA - 2013 Pictures


His name is HIDIDIYA, I am not sure the meaning and will find out from his Dad. The moment I saw this kid I loved him. He is simply CUTE and he look at you with this big eye and you can see a very welcoming smile. Him and I became instantly friend and I could not stop taking his picture. When we arrive his father was holding him, and his father who was a tour guide called his baby sitter to take him with her, but I wanted to stay, but at the time it did not seems to work. Exploring the area took about one hour and his father is really very good the way he tells the story and he is simply a very good story teller. I learn more about Dessie history that I never knew.

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As soon as we finished we met the Kid again to say goodby and told his baby sitter to get him something from store and I gave him a one time hug, but he did hold me very tight and it is a sign of saying leaving soon?. I handed him to a baby sitter, and walked away and turned to see him. He put his arm around his shoulder a sign of giving me a hug and with a big smile that I could not forgot until this day. I went back and chat with him for a few minutes and walked away, and again when I turn back, he did the same thing of his affection and gave me another hug.

After 5 month, my friend visited the boy, and send me his current pictures. Still looks great very beautiful kid and decided to help his family to send ethiopian 500 birr on a monthly bases. I was told his father does not work the tour guide job that he was doing when I met him. So, I called his father from US and I told him to take care of the kid, but he actually told me to adapt him, and I said no one will be better than his Dad and mom to take care of him . So I told him that he will get the 500 birr starting this month. My friend gave him 500 birr and will continue every month.

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